Over eighty women create  unique beadwork to be sold to Lemong'o Project volunteers at the "mamas market" within the village.  The beadwork is purchased from the women at a fair trade price which directly benefits their families.  Much of the beadwork is then brought to the US and sold at local community events.  Proceeds from sales are used to fund The Lemong'o Project's work in the village.  The Project sponsors workshops in Lemong'o to teach mamas how to make a variety of items that will appeal to US customers.  These workshops are taught by two very talented Lemong'o mamas.


Micro finance loans have been provided to a few the poorest women of the village. These small no-interest loans were used by the women to create a variety of small enterprises. The Project provided continuous education on creating and maintaining small businesses.

The concept of reinvesting in their own business was unfamiliar to most of the women. As loans were repaid, new loans were allocated. It was remarkable to see the difference a small loan can make in the lives of a family.

This part of The Project is currently on hold due to budgetary restraints. Donations are needed to reinstate it.

School Cooks

Local women are hired to cook school lunches for the students every day using food provided by The Lemong'o Project.

Community Projects

The community has begun to explore ways in which to develop enterprises with sustainable solutions to meet their ongoing needs. Once plans have been developed, funds will be needed to launch these enterprises.


Help Support Sustainability in Lemong'o

Your contributions will help create employment in Lemong'o and is greatly appreciated.

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