Needs and Wants

Teacher Salaries


The Project pays the salaries for 3 of the 7 teachers. Tuition is used to pay the balance. Due to parents' lack of funds, teachers are often paid late or remain with unpaid balances. The Project would like to provide additional support for teacher salaries so that all teachers receive full salaries.

Instructional Materials


  Prior to the summer of 2010, the school had virtually no resources. Teachers  had a minimal number of materials and students had none. The Project purchases teacher resources as well as student materials. The ratio is  currently one book to 7 students. The goal is to achieve a 1:1 ratio.
Additional funds are needed to reach this goal. 

Desks and Chairs


Due to increased enrollment, there is a desk shortage. Desks designed for 2 students are often shared by 4. In some of the primary classrooms, children must sit on the floor or share chairs.

Approximate Annual School Fees

Lemong'o Primary Day School


Grades kindergarten through 8

$25 per year

Local Primary Day School


Grades k-8 with a higher rating and more rigorous curriculum

$150 per year

Secondary Day School


High school

$175 per year

Primary Boarding School



$500 per year

Secondary Boarding School


High school

$700 per year

College or University


Costs vary with school and course of study

$6000 per year

Become a Tuition Sponsor for a Child


Many students in Lemong'o are only able to attend school through 8th grade. They have written letters asking for support to continue their studies through secondary school and beyond. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring one of these children through tuition donation.

The Lemong'o Project

7314 Linden Drive, Anchorage, AK 99502 USA

Building a Global Community

Students Reaching Across the Globe


Judi Eastburn's Environmental Science students from Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, PA were pen pals with Belgrove Primary's 7th and 8th grade students in Lemong'o, Kenya, for six years. Their fundraising efforts provided: 

  • teaching materials
  • text books
  • gutters for the school to collect rainwater
  • a 3-day educational field trip for 25 students to visit Mombasa, Kenya.

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