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Your donation to THE LEMONG'O PROJECT goes a long way

$2  provides school lunch for one child for a month.

$3  covers the average costs for one patient at our annual medical clinic.

$5  pays for school tuition for one child for an entire year.

$100  pays a teacher's salary for an entire month

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About Us

The Lemong'o Project

The Lemong’o Project is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Maasai people of Lemong’o in rural Kenya through nutrition, education, health support, and employment.


The Lemong’o Project began with my life-long draw to Africa and my dream of helping the children there. In the summer of 2005 I visited for the first time to volunteer with a service group. Each year thereafter I returned to volunteer, and in 2007 my journey led me to the village of Lemong’o in rural Kenya. It is there that a powerful story about the spirit of giving began to unfold. 

The giving began with the Maasai people of Lemong’o and their gifts to me—one of the first white people to ever visit their village. They warmly welcomed me into their homes, and their generosity and genuine friendship overwhelmed me. I was treated like a member of their families. Soon I knew that a piece of my heart would reside there.

Ravaged by years of drought and the weight of grinding poverty, the village’s needs are profound. I committed to help my African family, visiting for 4-6 weeks each summer to assist in whatever ways I could. 

In 2009, I asked village leaders, together with community members, to prioritize their needs. Through this process, they identified nutrition, education, health and employment as their most important goals. Together with Emma, my fellow volunteer, we pooled our resources and funded a number of village projects in these areas.

I have returned each summer since and continued our work with the people of Lemong'o. My heart is filled with hope as I see the positive changes in the village.


Carolyn Tague, Founder of 

The Lemong'o Project

Expansion and Sustainability

The Lemong'o Project obtained non-profit status in 2011 and has been expanding and moving toward sustainability ever since.

Donations to The Lemong’o Project will sustain vital projects and help villagers not only survive but prosper. 

Project Volunteers

The Manyatta Committee

The Manyatta Committee resides in the village of Lemong'o. The local residents who make up this committee oversee donations, projects, and goals for the village.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors do not live in Lemong'o, though some members visit the village to oversee the project on an annual basis.


Volunteers are needed for everything from assisting with fundraising to updating social media. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

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The Lemong'o Project

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